August was essentially centered on our big (recurring) event: the Ludum dare! So let’s start there…

Ludum Dare 27

After the enthusiasm of April’s LD26, we were eager to start LD27! When we discovered the theme, “10 seconds”, we stopped for a moment… to start again when we had the idea of a new kind of turn-based game. GSM Production proudly presents its first survival horror

Get Well Soon!, our entry for LD27, is then a game base on the mood: music, sounds, designs, we did everything we could to create an oppressing atmosphere… And it’s entirely 3D!

Theme: 10 seconds

Title: Get Well Soon!

Type: survival horror

Platforms: Windows, Linux, OSX, Web (Unity 3D)

Format: 3D

Download and play

Language: English

Pitch: “It was 5 months ago, I think. 5 months ago that the accident happened…

A descent into hell where you will have to avoid silent monsters… But be careful, you can only move for a much as ten seconds until… their turn comes.


Let’s play: beware: spoilers! If you want to learn more about the game by yourself, don’t watch the video!

A first feedback: Bastien

bastienAll in all, the game far exceeded our hopes by matching the idea we had of it. Usually, we end the Ludum Dare with that strange sentiment that yes, it is awesome that you made a game, but how great would it have been to add this or that… Here, we are fully satisfied with the result, and the comments we are currently getting (thanks for playing everyone!) seem to confirm that.

And this feeling, no matter the final placement of our little game, is something priceless. We feel proud of having played to our strengths and to have come out of top, for the first time really. As a team, we think it shows that we are maturing, and starting to know how to work together better. Hopefully to your enjoyment!


Bloboy’s Journey didn’t really go forward this month. We implemented the vertical slide and tweaked the jump so it felt a bit more realistic. We were also supposed to work on light effects on Bloboy’s sprite but the task was harder than we thought

This lack of progress is also partly due to the Ludum Dare. Even if the event only lasts three days, there’s a lot to organize which makes it time-consumming. After the Ludum Dare, we also thought we might perhaps switch Bloboy’s Journey on Unity 3D, but we still have to discuss this with the whole team.

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