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OUT OF HERE – Development log – 1

May 31st, 2011 — 8:44pm

For last April’s Ludum Dare competition, I had decided to do something a bit different than what I’m used to : a 3D game. Sure, I had played in the past with a couple of engines, but nothing I had done came close to a full-fledged game. So I took the opportunity to just dive and try to come up with something using the open-source Panda3D engine. With it, I knew I could create games writing only Python code, and I already had a good understanding of the engine’s inner workings.

The result, after 48 hours, was a game in the “autorunning” genre. Think Canabalt for instance. I was rather pleased by what I had achieved (the game placed 13th in the Graphics category and 40th overall), but it was still far from the game I had in mind. And that’s what those development logs are going to be about : the process of taking OUT OF HERE from a prototype to a full game.
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