About us

We are a small Belgian indie game development team founded in 2010 and still gaining experience.
For now, we focus on games coded in the Python language, 2D and 3D as well, from platformers to runners or roguelikes.
We want to create cross-platform games that anyone can enjoy and focus for the moment on computer games either on MAC OS, Windows or Linux.
We also are true supporters of Open Source software and as such plan to release our games under an Open Source license.

Hope you’ll enjoy our creations !

Members of the team

Originally founded by three members, Bastien “Grungi” Gorissen, Thomas “Sempaï” Stassin and Cindy “Meririm” Durand, the team evolved a lot since its creation.

bastien Bastien “Grungi” Gorissen, developer and founding member – Bastien is passionate about development and game design, and has a particular thing for wordless atmospheres, evoked by music or images.

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Blog: Your shoes and the world to come…

thomas Thomas “Sempaï” Stassin, developer and founding member – Developer in several languages, Thomas especially loves to code in Python – but only in well-structured projects. Hence, he’s the tyrant we choose ourselves to manage GSM prod.’s organization…

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Freya Pauline “Freya” Marlière, graphic designer & concept artist – Pauline brings her passion about graphic design, illustration and animation to GSM Productions, and is one of the driving force behind the graphical identity of the games of the team. She is also an opinionated artist, always willing to challenge the rest of the team and encourage her colleagues to look at things under a different light.


pascale Pascale “Alessa” Gorissen, webmaster & scenarist/writer – Being Bastien’s sister, Pascale kept a close eye on GSM prod’s early stages ; she’s now officially part of the team and leverage her writing and linguistic skills.

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Blog: Les Pascaleries

ephy Christel “Ephy” Ginevro, graphic designer & com’ manager – Christel likes to picture the world in unusual ways and to share those visions and dreams either through written pieces, drawings or, why not, thanks to GSM prod., directly on your screens.

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Blog: Babillages (FR)
Website: Essiah (FR)

gsm_dimitri Dimitri “Nwanda” Safarikas, graphic designer – With his background in 3D design, Dimitri brings some professionalism into GSM Prod. His perfectionism makes up with his procrastination tendencies and his distraction. Eclectic, he’s interested in new technologies, graphism, 3D print, music and dreams themselves…

Shop on Shapeways (impression 3D)
Website: Fake Pictures (FR)