GSM PRODUCTIONS is a Belgian indie game development team founded in 2010. They aim to create all sorts of cross-platform games for every gamers to enjoy. Want to know more? Discover the team behing the games.

Breaking news!

Get Well Soon screenshotGet Well Soon!“, our new survival horror, is now available inside a FrenchCows indie games bundle. Be part of the FrenchCows experience and watch the game evolve! Who knows, you might even get to participate to some juicy stuff in the process…

Go ahead and grab your copy!

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After a little revision of the website (thank you Pascale!), we’re back with the latest news. Get well soon!… soon! As planned, the beginning of the year was all about Get Well Soon. We’ve had one workshop every two weeks, loads of discussions, plenty of work done from home… and we’re close to the end! [+]

Unity Editor Screenshot

At GSM Productions, we like experimentations. If follows that, since our first little games all the way to Get Well Soon!, we have never ceased to try out new methods and new tools. But it would seem that, recently, our wild search has started to... [+]


Sweet 2013 2013 was made of : Ludum Dare competitions which boosted the team the start of Get Well Soon!, our first game sold online some abandoned projects (to make room for the new ones) a few challenges accepted… and sometimes... [+]

Preview de la nouvelle carte

After the success of Get Well Soon! on Ludum Dare 27, we decided to continue to work on this game. Our objective : to offer a second version by the end of the year. Soon after, we stumbled upon the FrenchCows team who were looking for game... [+]