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Let’s plays

UN HORROR A TURNI!? – Get Well Soon, by Mr and Mrs Gamers [IT]

Get Well Soon! – Playthrough | Mercredi Test : Episode n°04, by Flo (part2 here in Episode n°5) [FR]

Get Well Soon (Free Horror Game, Full Playthrough), by Marshall Dyer [EN]

Grungi plays GSM Productions games :: Get Well Soon!, by Grungi [EN]

Jupi Plays Indie Games: ALL THE INDIE GAMES [Ludum Dare 27], by Jupiter Hadle [EN]


Creepy Gaming: Get Well Soon, it’s possible to create a survival horror in 72 hours [EN]

I can guarantee you that it has those horror vibes capable of mantaining your adrenaline level through the roof.

Giocoindie Fright Friday: Get Well Soon! è l’horror a turni [IT]

Tutti gli elementi sono al loro posto e seguono la prassi del genere. Tutti tranne uno: il tempo.

(“All elements are at their place and follow the practice for this kind of games. All but one: the time.“)

Geekster: 5 Belgische games die je nog niet kende [NL]

Samen met de fantastisch donkere sfeer die er hangt, zorgt dit er voor dat Get Well Soon een goede basis vormt voor een uitgebreidere game.

(“Along with the fantastic darker mood prevailing here, this ensures that Get Well Soon is a good basis for a more extensive game.”)