Get Well Soon, going steady

After a little revision of the website (thank you Pascale!), we’re back with the latest news.

Get well soon!… soon!

As planned, the beginning of the year was all about Get Well Soon. We’ve had one workshop every two weeks, loads of discussions, plenty of work done from home… and we’re close to the end!


General status

  • Scenario: almost complete
  • Texts: almost complete
  • Modelisation: almost complete
  • Textures: ongoing
  • Animation: to do
  • Music: ongoing
  • Sounds : to integrate
  • Dialogs : almost complete
  • Voice acting : ongoing
  • Development / environment (doors, monster logic, etc.) : almost complete
  • Cutscenes implementation : ongoing
  • Other scenario tools’ implementation (files, keys, closed doors, etc.) : to do

Some additional features

  • Awakening cutscene when you start a new game
  • The torch now can be off/on using ‘F’ key
  • Lamps have been placed in the corridor (on, off, sizzling)
  • Game icon added
  • Reset button added in the options menu
  • A few bugs fixed
  • A lot of new models, including:
    • Fidge
    • Indoor cycling
    • Conveyor belt
    • Espaliers
    • Convenient
    • Magazines
  • The monster is back!
  • To sum things up : a lot of work done but still a lot to do. Wish us luck!

Ludum dare

After FrenchCows took the big decision to disable the “pack” products to increase their “season” interest, our deadline was pushed back from three months to six. In consequence, we worked even more on Get Well Soon to make the game that much more interesting. The side effect being that we didn’t have the chance to participate to any more Ludum dare. We hope to finish in time to register to the Ludum dare of August. To be confirmed…

However, what we can already tell you is, next time, we will participate as.. two separate teams, which means we’ll develop two different games! That will give us a pleasant change and add some challenge… just because we can!

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