God, let’s dust off a little… First, a last review of the last Ludum Dare !

Ludum Dare 26 : results

Results are now available! Reminder: only LD’s participants can vote for the other games. Votes are made on some criteria and, in the end, we receive only results for criteria with enough votes.

There were 2346 participants to LD26. For the JAM (the category we were in), we were 736.

Our results were not that bad :

#211    Graphics(Jam)    3.44

#236    Overall(Jam)    3.24

#307    Fun(Jam)    2.81

#355    Theme(Jam)    3.06

#409    Innovation(Jam)    2.50

#1775    Coolness    26%

We are in the best half for all points but Innovation (for those who, like me, are not good at maths: 736/2 = 368).

We’re even in the best third for Graphics (thanks Cindy!) and Overall (or the global evaluation of the game: great job everyone!).

A little detail though: since we did not get enough votes on Music, we don’t know our results… too bad as we consider it an essential point of the game experience.

But, do not worry… We will participate to LD27 in August!

A second feedback : Thomas


For me, this Ludum Dare was a turning point for GSM Productions. It was the first time we actually worked as a team. Even if there’s still some things to fix in our overall organization and our methods, we can be proud of ourselves.

And from a technical point of view, we made a point of really separating the code from all the data. This method allowed us to work in parallel. Once the logic had been implemented, the different game parts could then be adjusted by the “non-developers” members of the team, while the developers continued to work on other parts.

This method is also what we are using for Bloboy’s Journey.


We of course made progress on our main project. First, let’s take it from a technical point of view :

The devs’ words


We announced it and we did it! The basic physic of Bloboy is implemented.

To be more precise : our hero can jump, his body is deformed when Bloboy prepares his jump and, when jumping, our hero fly in a moving background scene. We can say we accomplished our objectives from July.

We went from a prototype-level code to full production mode (to be simple, the difference is mainly about the code’s robustness and cleanliness). Moreover, we integrated the deformation and the jump successfully.

A small step for GSM Productions, a big jump for Bloboy!

Some sketches

The designers started to think more seriously about Bloboy’s universe… Here’s a sample of their work.


3D : final exam

For the second time, Bastien, Thomas and Christel finished a little 3D training on Blender. And here are their results!

As a final assignment, the teacher asked us to choose a picture or photograph and make a 3D version of it. We were maybe a little bit too enthusiastic…


Shark’s cell (Thomas)


Final Fantasy 7 : “Loveless” street (Thomas)


Xenogears : Nisan (Bastien)


Silent 4 : The Room (Christel)

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