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Hi there! As we alluded in our previous article, there will be more than “under-the-hood” changes in the upcoming Alun Hevel release. The most easily spotted of the changes will probably be the audio component. We are very proud to announce that we got help from a great composer to write some original music for the game! His name is Will Phillips, and I will let him present himself:

I was born and raised in middle Tennessee in a small town named Tullahoma. I began to really focus on playing the trumpet and began taking private lessons. My teacher at the time, Atticus Hensley, is also an arranger and composer who wrote several arrangements for the band program. After witnessing the processes involved, and hearing the final results, I immediately became interested in arranging and began penning my own arrangements and orchestrations. After that initial push, I attended The University of Kentucky where I majored in Music Performance. There I was afforded many opportunities to study with professional composers like Joseph Baber and Raleigh Dailey and really became infatuated with the idea of creating one’s own music. Having spent many years playing video games and intentionally (or unintentionally) studying the music within, I felt video game music was the best way to go. It encompasses all the creative aspects of composition, without being bogged down with preconceived notions of composition… and it’s just fun! Up to this point, I’ve written for several PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, and tablet games including of course Alun Hevel and I don’t plan on stopping until my hands fall off.

If you want to hear some of Will’s compositions, you can head over to his Facebook page, or if you are not an user of this particular social network, he has a SoundCloud page where you can find many tracks to please your ears with. He has an official website in the works too, but it is not ready for prime-time yet. Rest assured that we will announce it as soon as it is!

As we continue working on Alun Hevel, we look forward to collaborating with Will to help define the musical identity of the game.

Till next time!

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