Updates in bulk

From an external perspective, GSM Productions looks as productive as a fish-stick in a box of 12.
Apart from some ScreenshotSaturday, we’ve been dead quiet on the web, apologies for that.
But nevermind! It’s not because we do not talk about them that our progresses aren’t real.
So today, for your greatest pleasure, we decided to give some updates.

Alun Hevel:

Only a handful of lines of code still separate us from the next release.

We shall then have brought the entire code from PyGame to Pyglet, fixed a series of existing bugs, and even added some features such as the particules.

Moreover, and this announcement delights us at the highest degree, Alun Hevel will get its very own soundtrack. I mean by this that a composer, in the name of Will Phillips, worked on our game and composed, so far, two songs that you’ll have the pleasure to discover shortly.

Finally, Christel Ginevro, author of “Chroniques d’un cycle” (series of novels on which is based Alun Hevel) began a series of drawings, which will serve as illustrations in the future releases. We will unveil her work shortly as well.

Indie Dev Day:

July 12, in Brighton, will be held the Indie Dev Day. As of last year, we’ll be there, but this time Thomas will accompany Bastien.

This is an opportunity for us to learn, meet other developers, and who knows, to come forward a little.

Ludum Dare 24

This is one of our big projects in the short term. During the Ludum Dare 24, we will aim for the jam.

For those of you who don’t see what I’m talking about, the normal LD consists of individually creating a game in 48h; the jam, on the other hand, lasts 72h and is open to teams.

We will gather a a real little studio for the occasion, and try to release on time a quality product.

It will be our first experience as “project managers”, an enriching attempt, no doubt.

As you can see we are not inactive, but our personal lives and their implied constraints prevent us form being as productive as we would like to be.

But the day when we’ll be out in the open is nothing but drawing near…

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