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In a video game like Alun Hevel, we need to store information inside files.
There are two types of files:

  • the ‘dynamic’ files, in which we store the modified data, either directly or indirectly changed by the players (such as the options backup).
  • the ‘static’ files, containing the data needed by the game, such as pictures, translations or maps.

We must therefore use various programs going from a basic text editor (Gedit, Notepad, Geany, etc.) to a picture editor (Paint, the Gimp, etc.) in order to generate those files.
But sometimes, there isn’t any program which can comfortably generate the desired file, and this is the case with the mapping files.

To create them, there are two solutions:

  1. To write the file using a text editor, which you’ll do during a Ludum Dare (going for the simplest way) or if you absolutely wish to find a way to spend your winter’s nights (then I advice you to rather choose to take upon knitting, it’s more constructive).
  2. Or to create the program you’re missing, which could be called ‘In-House Tool’ because it’ll only be used to generate files for your game.

Thus was born the Mapper, the program generating maps for us, a little like RPG Maker, for those who know it.

This program, a bit slow on delivery, will now save us some valuable time, especially given the planned number of maps.
So, as you can see, the journey continues…

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